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NewLeaf Design Policies

This page is updated from time to time. We recommend you check back here occassionally to view any updates.



June 8, 2015

RE: Ordering


If work request request sumitted by you in behalf of another party, that we do not have an established working relationship with, then that work shall be invoiced to you and not to them. To AVOID this invoice please have them request the work so we can setup proper billing routines and invoice them directly.


RE: Payment Policies


Payment is required at the time of any printing orders.


A down payment on a large design project may be required.


A partial OR "up-to-date" payment may be requested if project's working time exceeds a two week period OR the project enters into a new month*. (Fundamentally, we need money to live on during the life of the project!)


Once a job is completed, payment is expected upon completion.


We may require a SMALL credit card fee (2% of payment) if payment by credit card exceeds $500).


Payment received for any print order ALSO automatically indicates the job is APPROVED for printing.


Any changes requested immediately after a printing order has been submitted may incur a "stop the presses" charge ONLY IF the request was caught in time. If it is not caught in time then the print order is at a "point of no return" and a secondary print charge will be incurred if a reprint is needed. This is a NO EXCEPTION policy.


RE: Design Ownership


Fundamentally we consider paid work to be owned by the client. However, we reserve the right, to use said work for our own advertising samples. Rarely, if we deem it won't conflict with the client's best interests, may reutilize the design style for another client. We also reserve the right to resell certain types of photos that appear to be "generic" in nature (nothing uniquely identifying the client's location, people or client specfic products/services).


RE: Printing


Printing times and shipping times are strictly best faith quotes. Those areas are totally out of our control. The best way to avoid delays is to order early.


PDF proofs are ALWAYS provided on any printing job. You must review each PDF for complete accuracy. We will not submit any job for printing until we get written (or emailed) approval from our client.


Payment received for any print order ALSO automatically indicates the job is APPROVED for printing.


Once approval is received, the client assumes any reprint responsibilities.


Accidents can and do happen from time to time — shipment lost, delayed, damaged shipment, printed incorrectly, etc.... To avoid ANY type of unforeseen problem, it is best to order printing EARLY enough to give time for a reprint. NewLeaf Design cannot and will not be held responsible for efforts outside their direct control.


Regarding exact color on printing materials: every effort is made to reproduce the color as requested as faithfully as possible. But there is absolutely no guarantee that the color will be a precise match to any specified Pantone color requested. Also, if a reprint is ordered, there is ALSO absolutely no guarantee that the color will be a match to your previous order. This is based on many variables in the printing industry. You can request CRITICAL COLOR matching but not at standard pricing. In fact, that will be quite expensive. The best way to see how your ink selection will appear on your selected paper is to order a small quantity as a test run.


RE: Photo Services


We do reserve the right to use photos (and/or artwork) as examples of our work unless requested not to by client.


RE: General


Any work we do should be reviewed by the customer for acceptance. Failure to verify furnished work withing two weeks after project is completed will forfeif the customers ability to request "repairs" without being charged for updates. This is for the customer's peace of mind. Allowing undetected errors to be "published" is important for the client's business security.


NewLeaf Design regularly takes great care in regards to computer and camera maintenance. However unforeseen technical problems or mechanical failures can occur. We can not and will not accept liability for any of these type of problems. We will, will best faith effort, reschedule or resume work as soon as possible should the unforeseen occur.


RE: Pricing


Quotes or Estimates are good for a limited time. Please inquire for specifics.


Our standard hourly rate is $60. We can provide a flat per project fee if needed.


We have a minimum fee of $10 for small requests or updates.


We have a minimum fee for any on-location work requested. Please inquire.


Any jobs requested to be RUSHED to completion will incur extra charges. The faster the RUSH the charges may increase up to a maximum of 200% of the original fee.


RE: Web Related Services


Any website NAME obtained for our client will be purchased and the listed owner will automatically be shown as NewLeaf Design. If at ANY TIME the client wishes the name to be transferred to their own account or to another location IT WILL BE DONE as quickly as possible. We completely recognize that that webname is in our custody but not our OWNERSHIP. We hold it in our custody as a courtesy for technical and administrative reasons. The only condition is that any outstanding payments for the name(s) are paid in full at the time of requested transfer out of our hands. Those fees are $20 for most "regular" names. The fees are higher if the name is more unique – as in a .CO account. Non-payment of funds will negate rights to "use of design" and domain name transfers.


Any web hosting payments made to NewLeaf Design are non-refundable. Any web name purchases are also non-fundable unless the DNS agency allows any refund or proration of services.


Regarding Upgrades and Future Edits: Software versions are changing frequently and are sometime, discontinued. These things can happen. We do maintiain current versions but software/applications becomes out-of-date, no longer usable, discontinued or any other reason can prevent the website's data and such from being updated. NewLeaf Design is under no obligation or contractual agreement to "redo" that website due to forces beyond our control. We will try to rebuild the website with another, more modern, application/program at a fair price as much as possible.





* = Month is defined as becoming a new month (i.e.: June becoming July) not an actual 28-31 day cycle.