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Understanding some common sense things of how we work around here.


If "SEO" is important to your website's success then talk to us! Search Engine Optimization has many facets. Search engines (i.e. Google) looks a hard look at your website more than you realize. There are some things a webdesigner can AND must do for you. BUT there are bigger things YOU must manage as an ongoing effort. You can pay someone else to do these ongoing efforts for you but there are some cautionary warnings here.


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How Can The Web Benefit Your Organization? 
A comprehensive graphical chart showing web opportunities.

Web Hosting AND Email Support

Helpful Video tutorials for those hosting
with NewLeaf Design.


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Need help selecting a color?
This is a very useful PDF.

NOTE: This chart is helpful for getting close to your desired color. Your monitor may not show the PRECISE color. Obtain a recent physical swatch guide under the proper lighting for accuracy.


How To Reset Your Cache to View Updates to a Webpage.

If your web page has been updated but all you see is the old page please visit this page to erase your "cache" of old information and let the new information be viewable.

Thanks to for this excellent reference. Another reference can be found at